End of Year Reminders

Just a few reminders for the end of the school year:

  • Check around the house for library books and text books that need to be turned in.
  • Pay any outstanding library fees, Before and After School Program fees, sports fees, etc.
  • Pay tuition and registration fees that are due.
  • Turn in sports uniforms that were loaned to your child.
  • Check the Lost and Found box in the school cafeteria for missing jackets and school uniforms.  Check the PE locker rooms as well.  All items left in the box after the school year ends will be cleaned and put in the uniform giveaway box.  Smaller lost and found items are kept in the school office.
  • Pay outstanding lunch account balance.  You may pay through LittleFlowerCafe.com or leave money in the school office.  For any questions about your account, contact Mr. Guillermo Marcos at 713-444-8530.
  • If your child has medication in the school clinic, please pickup those medications any time before the end of the school year.
  • Sign up in Facts for next year. If you want the 12 month plan, this needs to be done ASAP so your account can be finalized and you can make the first payment in June. Contact Gail Gregory with questions.

Report cards can not be released if you have a balance on tuition, extended day or any other accounts. If you are going to another school next year, please remember we do not release records until the balance is paid in full. Thank you for understanding.